January 14, 2016 Sujeev Shakya

Five Amazing Facts about Nepali Economy

1. Global Oil Price halves to $ 30 from $ 60 a year ago. Nepalis pay highest oil prices especially in black market. Cost of oiling the market is more than cost of oil

2. Global Stock Market plunges, Nepali stock market goes up. Nepalis have converted the market into a gambling den is what some people say.

3. Global IPOs get lukewarm response, Nepali IPOs are over-subscribed. Love people saying I am worried about the future of the economy, but do not miss investing in any IPO.

4. Global gold prices goes down. Nepali prices do not as gold dealers will never sell you gold when prices fall. Gold dealers will shut down if government would even ask them not to cheat.

5. Globally governments crack down black market. In Nepal government is grateful to the black market. From oil, essentials, batteries for solar panels it is moving into its traditional best – foreign exchange.

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