Sujeev Shakya

Official Bio

An agent for positive transformation

Sujeev Shakya is a Thought Leader who combines business excellence with societal conscience through a human centric approach. He leverages his vast knowledge in diverse fields spanning over 25 years of experience; across different sectors and geographies, to continuously recalibrate the way people think, plan and execute for themselves and others.

He has passion for making people believe in themselves and walking that extra mile to realize their potential. He strives to positively transform individuals and organizations helping people both in their professional and personal lives. He is a source of inspiration for many people around the world and in Nepal he is also dubbed as its CEO – Chief Eternal Optimist.

He completed his Certification in Coaching from Columbia University (US). He is Founder CEO of beed management private limited, an international management consulting and advisory firm and also Chairman of Nepal Economic Forum. He writes and speaks extensively on business, economy, leadership and development. A popular columnist, he is also author of Unleashing Nepal (Penguin Revised 2013).