July 14, 2021 Sujeev Shakya

Beed@ 10

When I quit my job as Group President of Tara Management and Bhote Koshi Power Company after spending twenty years with the group, I did so to follow my inner call—to establish a management consulting and financial advisory firm that would extend its operations beyond Nepal. The firm was envisioned as a platform that would help Nepalis redefine themselves and their nation and be a catalyst for the positive transformation of individuals and organizations.

Ten years after it was first established, beed has remained faithful to its pioneering vision. Over the past decade, beed has served over 120 clients across multiple sectors and economies and positioned itself as the go-to institution when people run out of ideas or are eager to start a novel venture. beed has consistently been able to attract young Nepali talent who have joined the firm as interns, fellows, consultants and full-time beeds. Over the years, we have built a unique organization that expertly navigates between different segments of the corporate, government and development sectors.

Our ability to stay ahead of the curve has been our biggest strength. We began the discourse on doing business in federal Nepal in 2012 when it was uncertain whether the new constitution would even adopt a federal structure. We advised clients on sustainable eco-tourism resorts when people in Nepal were still figuring out what eco-tourism meant. We latched on to regional connectivity issues and started the discourse on the Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN) Motor Vehicle Agreement when the government itself was unsure about the agreement it had signed.  All the while, our ability to foresee what was coming next and prepare for what was coming helped us thrive in an ever-changing environment.

In building a work culture, we got the basics right: respecting people as individuals and scrapping hierarchy, shunning dogma and embracing innovation, giving everyone a voice to contribute to the discourse, fostering networks and emphasizing continuous learning and sharing. At beed, we have always executed in teams and celebrated in teams. Adaptability has been our biggest mantra as we have traversed diverse geographies, cultures and natures of work. Today, beeds can as easily engage in dialogue with villagers in remote parts of Nepal as they can deliver presentations in global cities.

For me, the biggest joy of the journey has been engaging in a mutual learning process with the people who have worked at beed over the years. The people who joined beed, did so not because they wanted to build a fortune or a lifestyle on par with that of bankers or development professionals, but because they want to build a future. Today, when I travel around the world, I have the pleasure of interacting with former beeds who now work at some of the world’s best companies. In Nepal, former beeds are at helm of innovative work and many have become entrepreneurs in their own right.

As we look forward to the next ten years, especially at 2030 when Nepal will be a USD 100 billion economy, we cannot help but see more opportunities. We look forward to pushing our boundaries while staying true to our core values of integrity, professionalism and world-class delivery. We will strive to continue to attract the best talent and contribute to the learning and development of young professionals in Nepal and beyond. We will ensure beed continues to positively influence our own lives and those of others. The positive transformation business has inelastic demand, the latent demand is for us to excel.