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Cautious Optimism

2017-01-25 [ Source: Neftake ]

IMF 5.5% growth forecast can be exceeded if we don't squander opportunities. Five Important Issues To Remember

Low Capital Expenditure

2017-01-17 [ Source: The Kathmandu Post ]

Begging for money but not having a plan to spend it is an age-old problem in Nepal

What Does the Removal of Former CIAA Chief mean to Nepali Business and Economy

2017-01-09 [ Source: Linked In ]

Corruption is a culture in Nepal, bribing gods make bribing humans easy. Institutions can never change the culture. Stricter codes, self realization and strong judiciary can.

The Future of Cash

2017-01-03 [ Source: The Kathmandu Post ]

A cashless economy and digital platforms are the way to go, but we have to prepare well for the transition

Imagine No Possessions

2016-12-20 [ Source: The Kathmandu Post ]

This is not the first time that declaration of property has been turned into a big joke