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In South Asia, the time has come for border economic zones

2017-04-11 [ Source: Nikkei Asia Review ]

Frontier areas need help to overcome constraints on economic progress

Hopes for 2074

2017-04-11 [ Source: The Kathmandu Post ]

The course of a nation’s journey is like that of a person’s journey; there are moments of opportunity that come knocking. Year 2074 looks like one of them; I hope we will not squander it.

Lessons From A Recent Summit

2017-03-27 [ Source: The Kathmandu Post ]

In the 21st century, we need to be business-like during the day and hold wonderful events that reflect our vibrant culture in the evenings

Hindu Nationalism Could Hinder Modern Development

2017-03-23 [ Source: Nikkei Asia Review ]

After Modi's state poll victory, Nepal and other neighboring countries must deal with India's expanded influence

Trigger for Growth

2017-03-14 [ Source: The Kathmandu Post ]

A sense of competition among local units to ensure improved delivery of services would be very helpful