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Chaos in Qatar

2017-06-19 [ Source: The Kathmandu Post ]

In a society where rumours are manufactured at regular intervals, what if rumours start going viral? If people in Nepal could cause so much destruction by being influenced by a rumour of what Bollywood actor Hritik Roshan “said” during the pre-social media days, how will they react to the viral rumours that could make it to social media platforms? How will the government develop a communication channel that people can trust?

Untapped Potential

2017-06-06 [ Source: The Kathmandu Post ]

In banking, like in many other sectors, everything apart from human capital is becoming homogenous. All banks have the same capital base, a similar technology platform and they all provide comparable products and services that are allowed by the Nepal Rastra Bank.

Towards tech-friendly polls

2017-05-24 [ Source: The Kathmandu Post ]

Local elections are the key drivers of a functioning democracy, a responsible opposition, the rule of law and strong institutions.

Holiday Junkies

2017-05-18 [ Source: The Kathmandu Post ]

Nepal was closed by political forces. Strikes were welcomed and offices were shut at any rumour about security issues. The development industry, which is nearing three decades of active work in Nepal, needs to introspect on how to push productivity and change the work culture. Tackling the issue of holidays could be a starting point.

Do Nepalis really need jobs?

2017-05-01 [ Source: The Kathmandu Post ]

The Nepali term for a job is ‘jaagir’, an Urdu word meaning a land grant provided by feudal lords and rulers on which you seek rent. A market that is dominated by rent-seeking individuals kills the competition in the same manner that rent-seeking cartels kill level playing fields for business.