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Leveraging Exports To US


It is always heartening to hear news that can Unleash Nepal\'s potential.

Five Amazing Facts about Nepali Economy


Five Amazing Facts about Nepali Economy

Prithvi Narayan Shah and Adam Smith


Prithivi Narayan Shah understood that Gorkha was not a wealthy nation. Had he heard of Adam Smith’s definition of wealth as the annual produce of the land and the labour of a society, he would have agreed.

What Does $ 1.4 Billion Telecom Deal Means For Nepal


Axiata, a Malaysian listed Telecom Company with operations in many Asian countries bought majority stake in TeliaSonera marking the biggest corporate deal in Nepali history.

Change Face Of Hospitality Industry


It is always good to go to Conferences and treat them as a day of taking refresher courses, doing the same what you did when you took your 101 classes in college, getting surprised by little nuances and the knowledge of the people who share things.