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What Does the Removal of Former CIAA Chief mean to Nepali Business and Economy


Corruption is a culture in Nepal, bribing gods make bribing humans easy. Institutions can never change the culture. Stricter codes, self realization and strong judiciary can.

Government Changes But Nothing Will Change


What We Need to Know For Nepali Business And Economy

Nepal - Uncertainty The Only Constant


I have been bombarded with questions on what the current political situation in Nepal means for the economy and business, here are some thoughts

#5 Things on this Annual Policy Program Jatra


Along with the Machendranath Jatra, the annual #Budget Jatra begins and we need to know five things about this annual event that has been proven by this one also.

Panama Leaks - Wets Many Pants Globally


In one of the biggest leaks in history, records of assembly line producer of offshore companies Mossack Fonseca has created flutters globally.