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Free The Market


The blockade has taught us many lessons, but one of the most important ones is that Nepalis are willing to pay and let the market decide the price. If this has already been tested in the black market, why can we not replicate this in the formal market? Why can our market not decide the price of a unit of electricity Nepalis are willing to pay for?

A Wounded Economy


Given the current crisis and the potential disruption of supply chains in the future, when an investor compares Nepal with other options in Asia and Africa, Nepal will cease to be an option at all

Home and Away


Diaspora organisations in the US are stuck in a rut, but young Nepalis give a reason to be hopeful

The Long View


Nepalis are leaving the country because it does not have a favourable environment for work

Learning from failure


Nepal can cut down its dependency on fossil fuels by generating electricity to meet its household demands