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"Nepal has unleashed its potential when the discourse on Nepal outside shifts from 3 M (Maoist, Massacre and Mountains) to a land of 3 S, Smile, Service and Success"

- Sujeev Shakya

Sujeev Shakya

"An energetic visionary. His infectious optimism... is precisely what Nepal needs to tackle its myriad dilemmas"

- K A I B I R D


"Though Different Lenses: Bringing higher standards, business ethics and greater professionalism to Nepal."

Click here to read the interview in the December 213 issue of Business 360.

Latest Articles

Cultural Matters

2016-11-08 [ source : The Kathmandu Post ]

Would we accept all the mess in our workplace if we behaved differently at our home?

नेपालमा किन अकासिन्छ महँगी ?

2016-10-26 [ source : Kantipur ]

नेपालमा सामान उत्पादन गर्नेले भन्दा सामानको व्यवसाय गर्नेले धेरै नाफा कमाउने प्रवृत्ति छ । नाफाखोरीको भुँवरीले महँगी बढेको प्रतीत हुन्छ ।

Transport Woe

2016-10-19 [ source : The Kathmandu Post ]

Neither our business sector nor the government is interested in developing inexpensive and efficient modes of mass transit

Of Two Minds

2016-09-27 [ source : The Kathmandu Post ]

If Nepalis world over have done well, it is because English has become accessible to many students

भ्रष्टाचार र हाम्रो समाज

2016-09-23 [ source : Kantipur ]

भ्रष्टाचार को कुरा गर्दा नयाँ चस्मा लगाएर हेर्न थालौं ।