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"Nepal has unleashed its potential when the discourse on Nepal outside shifts from 3 M (Maoist, Massacre and Mountains) to a land of 3 S, Smile, Service and Success"

- Sujeev Shakya

Sujeev Shakya

"An energetic visionary. His infectious optimism... is precisely what Nepal needs to tackle its myriad dilemmas"

- K A I B I R D


"Though Different Lenses: Bringing higher standards, business ethics and greater professionalism to Nepal."

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Learning from Singapore - Change has to start within the Nepali people themselves before it can influence larger society

2017-10-10 [ source : The Kathmandu Post ]

Going through Singapore’s history and through multiple visits over the past couple of decades, one big lesson is that it is not the governments but it is about the transformation of people that changes nations. So leaders who give speeches about transforming Nepal into Singapore should start looking at themselves in the mirror and see what they need to transform in themselves.

ग्लोबल नेपाली

2017-09-22 [ source : Kantipur ]

बैंककको एमबीके मार्केट, खावसान मार्केट वा प्रातुनाम मार्केटतिर जाँदा नेपाली गीत र नेपाली भाषा सुनेर सबै अलिक स्तब्ध हुने गरेको देखिन्छ । भारतीय र नेपाली पर्यटकले मनपराउने बजारहरूमा नेपाली वा हिन्दी बोलेर थाई भाषा पनि बोल्ने, बुझ्ने र बोल्नेसँग किनमेल गर्न कति सजिलो भनेर धेरैले भन्छन् ।

Trenches to tunnels

2017-09-12 [ source : The Kathmandu Post ]

A fortnight ago, an advertisement appeared in the newspapers for Expression of Interest (EOI) from the Nepal Army for the Kathmandu Tarai Fast Track Road Project (KTFT). This is the first time that the Nepal Army is getting involved in a large infrastructure project.

Building cultural centres | A prospering society is never judged by money alone

2017-08-29 [ source : The Kathmandu Post ]

For Kathmandu and Pokhara, at this moment, having a good conference centre would perhaps be useful to provide business to the mushrooming hotels, as Nepal still has greater competitive and comparative advantages in the mid-segment of the South Asian conference market.

भारत भ्रमण कि नख:ट्या: ?

2017-08-23 [ source : Kantipur ]

खुला सीमालाई हामीले जहिले पनि बाधकका रूपमा हेर्‍यौं । दिल्ली र काठमाडौंको साँघुरिएको दृष्टिमा परिवर्तन आउनुपर्छ ।