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Cautious Optimism


IMF 5.5% growth forecast can be exceeded if we don't squander opportunities. Five Important Issues To Remember

Nepal Economic Vision 2030: Leveraging Private Sector Growth And Investments


In the last decade, Nepal has witnessed many milestones. Popular uprisings around the country in 2006 led to the reinstatement of democracy and paved way for the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) which ended the decade long Maoist insurgency, overthrew centuries old monarchy, and elected a Constituent Assembly which finally promulgated the new constitution in 2015 in its second attempt.

Five Things You Need To Know About Nepal's Economic Survey 2015/16


Learning to read the Nepal Economic Survey

The Modi Effect: Redefining Nepal India Relationship


The relationship between Nepal and India has been one of mistrust, on both sides. The visit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Nepal in August 2014, the first Indian head of the government to make a bilateral visit to Nepal in 17 years, has re-defined the paradigm of the relationship between the two countries.

More Agreements Between India And Nepal


On the sidelines of the 18th SAARC Summit 2014, India and Nepal signed ten bilateral agreements. Some of these agreements have the potential to boost bilateral investment, trade and tourism.