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Management Lessons From 2015


All Nepali’s want forget the year 2015. The earthquake in April caused unprecedented human and economic loss, and the crisis resulting from the blockade since September has further compounded the damage. While everyone has been caught up in dealing with the after effects, with the New Year fast approaching it is now time to ponder over some of the management lessons we could learn from this year’s events.

After Modi


One of the best things about the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s visit was how Nepal trended on Twitter and other social media sites for positive reasons. It is very rare to remember an occasion where Nepal has been discussed positively, and Nepalis themselves have taken things positively.

The Beed Journey


Five years ago in September 2008, beed management had just been registered and Mahendra Mainali our lawyer friend had handed over the registration documents. To start out, we planned a retreat at Park Village with the first eight members of beed to develop a strategic plan for the company, wherein we adapted brand visioning tools and emerged with a brand positioning statement and a series of strategies.

2013: Year of Hope


When one looks back at 2012, one keeps on wondering whether it was a good or bad year. If one goes just by newspaper headings and the endless discussions on television, it may seem things have become far worse than when we began a year back.

Leadership in Nepali Context


Whenever we talk about leadership in Nepal, the immediate image that comes to mind is of politicians, who make promises but never deliver. The discourse of leadership in Nepal has been judged not by performance, but by the number of titles one carries on one’s business card, or the number of sycophants that hang out with one, the number of interviews and pictures that one sees in the newspaper or the minutes of exposure on television.