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Communist Coalition Concludes Nepal’s Political Transition


The completion of federal and provincial elections in December 2017 marks the end of an almost 12-year political transition and the beginning of a new economic future for Nepal.

A Year On, Why Has Nepal Failed To Recover?


In May 2015, an earthquake of magnitude 7.2 struck Nepal. Thousands were killed and injured, and close to a million people were rendered homeless. A year on from the earthquake Nepal is still struggling to rebuild.Why has the recovery process fallen short?

Uphill Task To Revive Nepal In 2016


In my Year in Review piece from 2014, I had a very optimistic view for 2015, dubbing it a potential game changer. 2015 has been a game changer, but for all the wrong reasons. The earthquake in April 2015 was a devastating blow to the Nepali economy, which was chugging along slowly due to the political focus on power sharing during the transition period.

Rebuilding Nepal Requires A Long-term Vision


The earthquake has been a setback, but hopefully it provides an opportunity to think of a long-term vision.

Cautious Optimism For Nepal’s Future


A real political and economic turnaround could be just around the corner for Nepal in 2015.