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Footprints of the First One Hundred Years


Excerpts of Speech Delivered by Sujeev Shakya at Dr. Graham\'s Homes, Kalimpong India, Batch of 1982 Launch of: Footprints of The First One Hundred Years: The Kalimpong Homes, By Bernard T Brooks, Former Principal

The Positive Impact of Nepali ‘Mass Alzheimer’


Yes, things are moving ahead in Nepal

Opening Remarks at Kathmandu Literary Jatra


For me, this Jatra has strong links with globalization. In Nepal, when we talk about globalization, we always equate it to imposition of western thoughts and looked at from the capitalism or market point of view. However, for me, globalization has been rather a greater movement of thoughts and ideas seamlessly across the world.

Managing in Nepal.......How is it so different?


It is said that technical knowledge contributes only 15% in advancement of careers, rest depends on grooming, networking skills and other soft skills that the industry requires. Can we every think of moving ahead rapidly by ignoring 85%.