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No satyam


With the largest corporate fraud in its history, India has finally entered onto the global financial stage?

Everything you always wanted to know about globalisation


Some time ago, in a currency dealer's room in one of the big banks in Singapore, this Nepali writer was amazed to see sums equalling Nepal's GDP changing hands every hour.

Doom and gloom


NEPAL: The reduced income from smuggling has severely squeezed the national economy.

Made In Nepal, Exported to India


The new Indo-Nepal trade treaty signed on 4 December 1996 will allow, for the first time, goods manufactured in Nepal access to the Indian market free of custom duties. The treaty does not include cigarettes, alcohol, perfumes and cosmetics, but pretty much everything else. The benefits that can accrue to Nepal is therefore immense.

Of Hung Parliaments and Hanging Reforms


First Nepal, then India and now likely Bangladesh—hung parliaments have become a South Asian phenomenon. Stable party governments are becoming rare as parties with different ideologies and values compromise to maintain their seats in power This, more than anything else, is affecting economic agendas the most.