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Opinion Kolkata and Kathmandu


After living for three years in Kolkata during the mid-1980s, when I returned to Kathmandu and started re-familiarising myself with the Nepali capital I would often be struck by commonalities between the layouts of the main parts of the two cities. The striking Dharahara tower loomed over the roadside hawkers of Sundhara, just as the Shahid Minar towered over the Dharamtala flea-markets



Is the Nepali economy booming or crashing?

The opportunity of the yam


Nepal needs to view its two massive neighbours not from the perspective of outdated power-balance geopolitics, but through the lens of economics.

Glocalising growth and accepting the corporation


The corporate world will both dominate and integrate the Southasian agenda of economic growth.

Veggie living, contemporary thinking


Who knew that being a Buddhist and a vegetarian could be so difficult?