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#5 Things on this Annual Policy Program Jatra

May 08, 2016

Along with the Machendranath Jatra, the annual #Budget Jatra begins and we need to know five things about this annual event that has been proven by this one also.


1. We are there for life: The document envisages that the government is not a short run coalition but one that has all the time in the world to implement their plans.


2. Election Manifesto Syndrome:  The document is generally prepared like an election manifesto, full of promises but everyone knows well there will be no delivery. 


3. No Accountability: This document has no sense of accountability. It is a document in isolation and no one is held responsible if nothing gets done. 


4. NGO Style Thinking: This document is made like a plan for a NGO, it is about making expenditures, its not looking at what will drive income. Till this becomes a revenue focused document thinking of economic growth, it will run like a NGO, one AGM to another one. 


5. Geopolitics Ignored: Given, the bilateral mishap with India and the geo-political quandary it has submerged itself into, a new discourse was completely missing. 


So till next Jatra in #2017 it will be business as usual


photo courtesy tweet of Ambassador Richard Morris (@Richard_Nepal)